Brain networks

NBC Sports acquires EZLinks Golf

NBC Sports announced today that it has acquired EZLinks Golf which is a PGA Tour affiliated company. It also includes the online tee time marketplace for golfers along with technology platforms, customer service and business solutions for golf course partners….


Calculator to predict 10-year risk of diabetes complications

Team of researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have developed an innovative risk calculator for people facing type 2 diabetes and obesity. According to experts such people often encounter the dilemma of whether to undergo a weight-loss surgery or to opt…

Stalkerware apps

Stalkerware apps faces first case ever by FTC

Latest invention of Stalkerware or Spouseware is a powerful surveillance software used primarily to spy on a partner. After downloading the software, one allows someone to see or even hear everything that a person is doing on or near their…

double sticky tape

Scientists create a double sticky tape inspired by spiders

Team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a double-sided tape which sticks to the body tissue after surgery. Sources allege the tape has been inspired by the process of how spiders exude glue in order to…

UPS to launch new tech- enabled healthcare solutions

UPS to launch new tech- enabled healthcare solutions

Owing to latest announcement, UPS Premier has announced advanced services for the current healthcare and life science customers. As a result, UPS will launch a new portfolio of tech-enabled monitoring and sensing solutions in order to help with highest-quality tracking,…

augmented reality system

Study examines care for knee osteoarthritis in United States

A recent study published in Arthritis Care & Research centers on recommendations for physical therapy, pain medications, lifestyle counseling for knee osteoarthritis as per U.S. physicians. For the recent study, experts analyzed 2,297 physician visits for knee osteoarthritis from a…