Climate change

Climate change to drive ‘massive’ investment shift

Worries about environmental change will drive a “crucial reshaping of fund”, one of the world’s greatest cash directors has said. Larry Fink, who runs BlackRock, said the move will happen “sooner than most envision”. His organization has declared “manageable” forms…

British Antarctic Survey

This bird species will befit from effects of climate change

Researchers from the University of Exeter and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have found one bird species that won’t be affected by the much talked about the effects of climate change. According to the study, Giant petrels will temporarily benefit…

Malaysia to send plastic waste back to origin countries

Malaysia to send plastic waste back to origin countries

In a recent announcement, Malaysia has ordered to return a thousand tonnes of imported plastic waste back to countries from where it had originally come from, claiming that most of the refuse was imported into the country illegally in the…

NHS Long Term Plan

Mothers and children rally against climate change

In another mass protest to raise awareness and take action the climate change, mothers and families took to the streets to voice measures against climate change. United Nations had previously set a deadline to prevent the problem of climate breakdown….

Extinction Rebellion to end protests

Extinction Rebellion to end protests

Extinction Rebellion will reportedly end its blockades of Marble Arch and Parliament Square on Thursday, April 25. April 15 marked the commencement of the anti-climate change protests in London. After unwavering protests to address climate change, the group will allegedly…