Ecuadorean citizens

Confidential data on Ecuadorean citizens exposed

Based on a latest report, personal data of every Ecuadorean citizen has been exposed online. According to a security company vpnMentor, data of about 17 million people along with 6.7 million children was revealed online. The large stock of data…

Royal Mint makes jewellery

Microplastic discovered in Tampa Bay

The grave issues of climate change and pollution have been monitored closely by scientists globally. The University of Florida St. Petersburg and Eckerd College have recently found that the waters of the Tampa Bay have about four billion particles of…

Joaquin Niemann

Proton therapy effective in brain cancer with children

Latest study focusing on enhancing children’s health dealing with brain cancer draws attention to benefits of the proton therapy. The research published in Pediatric Blood and Cancer speaks about young children who had received proton therapy for medulloblastoma. Experts observed…

Goolge’s smart-city plans

Panel questions Goolge’s smart-city plans

Latest reports suggest, a smart city “from the internet up” will be built by Google’s Sidewalk Labs. It will be take place in a disused waterfront area of Toronto. An independent panel has accused the company for being too vague…

Artificial snow machine tested for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan authorities are gearing up for the 2020 Olympics. The latest innovation tested artificial snow in order to keep the temperatures cool for the spectators. Since the games will take place in summer next year, around 300 kg (47st) of…