Ryanair CEO

Ryanair CEO announces redundancies of as many as 900 jobs

An announcement by Michael O’Leary, Ryanair chief, warns its staff of job cuts in the coming weeks, owning to surplus job opportunities in the airline. By means of a video message to the workers, O’Leary mentioned the company had 900…


France’s Mirazur wins World’s 50 Best Restaurants

In the competition, World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the French restaurant- Mirazur was awarded the title of World’s Best Restaurant.  Run by an Argentine chef, Mirazur is located on French Riviera. The ceremony of the competition took place in Singapore and…

Heathrow authorities announce new expansion plans

Heathrow Airport reveals a ‘masterplan’ for expansion. According to the plan, a third runway will be constructed by 2026, to be completed by 2050. For the execution of the plan, rivers will be diverted and roads will be moved. Rerouting…

Experts unveil the recipe for a popular YouTube ads

Experts unveil the recipe for a popular YouTube ads

New research examines what drives viral ads to popularity. A team of experts from the University of Houston, University of Southern California and Uber Technologies Inc. have revealed that the secret for popularity lies in connecting with the audience’s emotions….

Stansted Airport of London

Stansted Airport of London termed worst for flight delays

A recent investigation has declared the Stansted Airport of London as the worst airport for flight delays. London Stansted is known to be the fourth busiest airport in the UK and delays were often attributed to “adverse weather and air…

Klatch Coffee
National Probation Service
Kraft Heinz

CEO Bernard Hees replaced after Kraft Heinz’s write down

The appointment of a new chief executive is attributed to placate adversaries. Miguel Patricio, a veteran of the brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev was taken on board, in the wake of a price slump in the stock market value of the…

Britain coal free energy

Britain surpasses it previous record in producing coal-free energy

In a recent achievement, Britain has set a new record for generating energy by sustainable means. Britain created coal-free electricity for 90 hours and 45 minutes from Thursday until Monday afternoon. The country outshone itself, by breaking its previous longest…