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U.S. National Institutes of Health
San Francisco becomes first US city to ban e-cigarette consumption
London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

London’s Court reverses a forced abortion ruling

In a rare case of abortion, a woman won the London court’s appeal. A woman’s daughter was claimed mentally ill and thus unfit for taking care of the child. The mother, however, refused the verdict of abortion and said that…

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New e-tattoo to monitor heart disease

A team of engineers at the University of Texas at Austin developed a new technology that can monitor heart health. The leading cause of death in Texas was attributed to heart disease according to new research conducted by the National…

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

New probe discovery to unveil lung diseases

A team of scientists has discovered a hair-sized probe that will measure tissue damage in the lung. Considered as a breakthrough discovery, the probe can reach in areas where previous research in technology could not. Moreover, the probe is reported…