Proton therapy effective in brain cancer with children

Latest study focusing on enhancing children’s health dealing with brain cancer draws attention to benefits of the proton therapy. The research published in Pediatric Blood and Cancer speaks about young children who had received proton therapy for medulloblastoma. Experts observed…

DNA construction kit

DNA construction kit to substitute costly antibody medication

A new study at KU Leuven in Belgium has enabled to design an innovative technique to help sheep produce antibodies by injecting them with DNA building blocks. Reports allege this technique is much cheaper and more effective in comparison to…

Scientists create neurofeedback for leg prostheses

Scientists create neurofeedback for leg prostheses

Based on a new study, researchers at ETH Zurich and Lausanne-based start-up company Sen-sArs have designed an interface in order to connect a leg prosthesis to the residual nerves from the user’s thigh. This will further help in providing a…

Science triples the storage time of human donor livers

Science triples the storage time of human donor livers

Recent study has created a breakthrough research by extending the amount of time required to store a human liver for transplantation. The discovery was made possible by modifying the previous protocol to extend the viability of rat livers. Studies indicate…

Presence of microplastics in drinking water

US records a second death linked with vaping

Public Health Officials in the state of Oregon have announced the death of a second person succumbing to a lung disease caused by vaping. Reports allege, the person fell victim to a product which he had bought at a dispensary…

left-handed DNA associated with change in the brain structure
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