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water in ears

Don’t shake your head to get rid of water in ears

Team of researchers from Cornell University and Virginia Tech determine, one of the most common methods people use to get rid of water in the ears can cause serious complications. Trapped water in the ear canal can lead to infections…

CT scans

Radiation from CT scans associated with higher risk for cancer

Based on a latest study, exposure to radiation from CT scans is more vulnerable to higher risks of developing thyroid cancer and leukemia.  The study was published in journal JNCI Cancer Spectrum. For the study, the research team examined the…

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child abuse

Facebook pulls down 11.6 million posts on child abuse

In the latest update, Facebook has pulled down harmful content from its platform. The figures released suggest 11.6 million pieces of inappropriate content was removed between July to September 2019. According to sources, the content was related to child sexual…


It is due to taste genes that people avoid vegetables

A new research in genes has determined that some people have a strong dislike towards eating vegetables. According to a team of US researchers, the genes could play a significant role in determining one’s liking for vegetables. The researchers allege,…


Calculator to predict 10-year risk of diabetes complications

Team of researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have developed an innovative risk calculator for people facing type 2 diabetes and obesity. According to experts such people often encounter the dilemma of whether to undergo a weight-loss surgery or to opt…