school for illiterate grandmothers

South Korea: a school for illiterate grandmothers

The country of South Korea is a facing a population crisis, not because the birthrate in the country is skyrocketing, instead because it is plummeting drastically, to less than one child per woman last year. The birth rate was recorded…


Russia launches world’s longest submarine

A new nuclear-armed submarine launched by Moscow is labeled as Belgorod submarine. It was launched on Tuesday, April, 22.  With 604 ft, Belgorod is now also the longest submarine in the world. The sub was built at the Severodvinsk military…

Misuzu Ikeda
Deluge sweeps South Africa

Deluge sweeps South Africa

The southern and eastern parts of South Africa have been encountered with torrential rain in the last few days. Reports allege the death toll to have risen to at least 60 people. Heavy rainfall caused deadly flooding in South African…

Iranian oil industry

US makes rigorous oil sanctions against Iran

In light of the nuclear dispute with Iran, the US has thoroughly vetoed the oil exports of the Islamic Republic. Reports from the White House suggest, from May 2, no country will be allowed to import Iranian oil. However, India,…

Kraft Heinz

CEO Bernard Hees replaced after Kraft Heinz’s write down

The appointment of a new chief executive is attributed to placate adversaries. Miguel Patricio, a veteran of the brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev was taken on board, in the wake of a price slump in the stock market value of the…

bomb blasts in Srilanka
earth day

Earth Day Celebrations around the world

April 22, marks the event of International Earth Day. Senator Gaylord Nelson of the United States initiated this movement and it was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. The occasion calls for large and bountiful celebrations on the international platform….