Would Greta Thunberg’s generation play with these toys?

Greta Thunberg

If we choose a word for the toys, its manufacture and its purchase, it would be “collectable”. The toys and other puzzles that comes in a wide range from few pennies to a big amount including the mini-figures to expensive construction sets. And that is why the children and for that matter even parents end up buying a lot of toys to complete their sets. And now the whole scenario is such that the obsession to stack up the plastic seems to have peaked, and there is a new word on toy-sellers’ lips called sustainability i.e., the toys are of quite branded qualities that they won’t wear and tear easily.

They’re reverting to a generation of children who have gone on school strikes, and are turning on their parents for failing to protect the planet, following the campaign led by Greta Thunberg, who is a teenager but has a vision to save the environment. Dan Robson, who is a student in Northumbria University came up with an idea of ecofriendly 3D puzzle garden. This 3D puzzle has a prototype of garden, windmills, volcanoes etc. and are accumulated from pop-out boards. In this children can plant seeds to grow cress, pea, kale, rocket, lettuce or watercress in the little container of earth.

There are many more examples of toy makers all around the globe who are coming up with all these brilliant innovative ideas for toys and puzzles that are entertaining as well as ecofriendly at the same time.