Single-use plastic: China to ban bags and other items

Single-use plastic

China, one amongst the world’s biggest users of plastic, has unveiled a major step to scale back single-use plastics across the country. Non-degradable bags are prohibited in major cities by the top of 2020 and by 2022 in all other cities and towns. The restaurant industry also will be prohibited from over use and exploitation of single-use straws by the end of 2020.China has for years been planning to cope up with the rubbish its 1.4 billion citizens generate.

The country’s largest trash dump – the dimensions of around a hundred soccer fields – is already full, twenty five years sooner than the schedule. In 2017 alone, China collected 215 million tonnes of urban household unit waste. However national figures for usage don’t seem to be obtainable. China isn’t the exclusive country in Asia that has cracked down against single-use plastics.

Thailand proclaimed earlier this year that single-use plastic bags would be illegal in major stores, with an entire ban across the complete country in 2021. Indonesia’s capital Jakarta is also forbidding single-use plastic bags in shops, supermarkets and all other markets by June 2020.