Sainsbury’s named cheapest supermarket of 2019 by Which?


According to a survey by Which, Sainsbury has beaten competitors Morrisons and Asda to be the cheapest supermarket of 2019. The customer group tracked the prices of around 53 brand items like Andrex toilet roll and Weetabix cereal over the year. Each month it compared the prices on supermarket websites.

They only tracked supermarkets that sold their full range online, so Lidl and Aldi were not involved as they do not sell groceries online or stock a full range of branded products to which people said “Naming Sainsbury’s the cheapest store even after Aldi and Lidl is like declaring Chris Pratt the sexiest Chris because you inexplicably decided to exclude Hemsworth and Evans. Sainsbury which was the only third-cheapest store in 2018 stole the title from Morrisons.

This year, Morrisons was put to third place, behind Asda, where the basket of branded goods carried an average price tag of £107.65. At Tesco, £112.40 average bill was recorded when it reached the checkout. Meanwhile, the receipt was for £116.40 at Ocado. Waitrose has come out as the most expensive store, with the same basket setting at £117.81 monthly