Tokyo 2020: Recycled cardboard used for beds at Olympics and Paralympics

Tokyo 2020

The participants competing in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo will be sleeping on cardboard as sources report the bed frames will be made from recyclable cardboard.

The mattresses for the beds will be made of polyethylene materials that will be reused for plastic products after the events. There will be 18,000 beds required for the Olympics, and 8,000 for the Paralympics.

The beds will be designed 2.10 meters long as they should be suitable for all even for the tallest athletes. The manufacturer, Airweave said the beds will be able to support a weight of 200kg which is around 440 pounds. To be more environmentally friendly the electricity will be generated from renewable sources while the Olympic torch is made from aluminum waste and the podiums from recycled household and marine plastic waste.

The main dining hall and the village plaza of the Olympic village is still in progress. The apartment units will be sold privately, with prices starting from a little over 50 million yen (£350,450). According to Junichi Fujino, an environmental researcher on the city’s taskforce, the organizers are taking a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions generated by the Games.