CES 2020: Neon’s artificial humans ‘don’t live up to hype’

artificial humans

Artificial humans have been demonstrated by Samsung backed start-up Neon at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Samsung’s star labs are showing a technology capable of creating better-looking digital avatars, the digital avatars that star labs is using to highlight its artificial human project over on the Neon website look a lot like real humans and people may soon see these virtual humans around.

The digital avatars have the ability to show emotions, intelligence and can speak a wide range of languages. The digital avatars also guard your privacy and will respond to any questions with latency of less than a few milliseconds. These devices will be powered by a technology called Core R3, which stands for reality, real time and responsive.

Neon’s chief executive Pranav Mistry claimed the digital avatars represent a new life-form and the company intends its virtual characters to act like digital friends. Neon has been showcasing some of its artificial humans to CES attendees. But they have not yet revealed where the virtual characters will first appear in public.