Food ‘made from air’ could compete with soya


Team of Finnish scientists have come up with a new technology which produces protein from thin layer of air and the dominant feature of this is that protein can compete with the nutritional value of soya, although it will take almost a decade to become as affordable as soya.

This protein is produced when the hydrogen is split from water by the means of electricity and the soil bacteria feed on this hydrogen. The researchers also adds that if the electricity that is used to make this protein comes from renewable sources like solar or wind energy then there will be zero green house emission.

It means that by the end to this decade we can have protein made completely from air which is quite cheap and also does not add on to the pollution- Economic as well as Eco-friendly! There is lot of suspicion going on with the taste of this protein, to which the scientists say that they ate a few grains of the precious protein flour – called Solein – but tasted nothing, which is what they are planning to do for this experiment also.

The inventors say it can be used as a medium for growing cultured meat or fish. But the fact cannot be denied that since planning and research is not yet developed and is still in the analysis zone, it would take many years to fulfill the global demands of this protein-if everything goes as per the plan.