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The GoPro’s first and only drone named the Karma has been grounded because of a technical glitch. The issue is GPS related and it prevents the camera on the drones from starting.

The drones were discontinued in 2018 but GoPro said they would keep the existing drones to function with necessary software updates.

The GoPro spokesperson told the BBC, it had identified the problem and in the midst of implementing and testing a fix to the issue.

Tech Website- The Verge reported that the issue is related to the GPS clock rollover phenomenon which happens once every 1,024 weeks or 19.7 years. Software needs to be programmed to anticipate rollover to zero weeks.

GoPro owners started complaining about the issue since last Thursday. One of the GoPro recently brought a Karma and is having issue with compass calibration. It also gives a message about not able to calibrate the compass without a GPS signal.

The backpack sized Karma was launched by GoPro in September 2016. The product which competes with the DJI camera drones, is popular with snowboarders, surfers and other extreme sports, would like to film themselves performing in the air.