Helen Sharman: ‘Aliens exist and could be here on Earth’

Helen Sharman

Dr Helen Sharman, the first Briton to go into space made history when she travelled to the Soviet space station-Mir in May 1991. Dr Sharman said that extra-terrestrial life is bound to be somewhere in the universe.

She also said although aliens may not be made up of carbon and nitrogen like humans, they do exist and it is possible they are among us right now and we simply can’t see them.

Dr Sharman said in an interview that space taught her that it’s people, not material goods, which truly matter. Up there they needed to survive in the right temperature with food, drinks and safety. And she had no thoughts of the physical items she owned on Earth. It was only the thought of loved ones down here.

There’s no greater beauty than looking at the Earth from up high, she said. One thing she highlighted in the interview with frustration was being referred to as the first British woman in space rather than being simply the first Briton. She said, “It’s telling that we would otherwise assume it was a man. And when Tim Peake went into space, some people simply forgot about her.”