Delhi zoo to get virtual reality technology soon


The National Zoological Park in Delhi is planning to get a virtual reality technology as they aim to grab the position in top 10 zoos in the world.

Virtual reality is a booming technology by the help of which a person can get into a simulated environment and can have the experience of being in such a place that actually is not for real. This technology when introduced would allow the visitors to engage into thrilling experience of getting closer to animals.

The GPS based mobile device will also help to get better information about the zoo to the tourists and visitors. By the use of technology the visitors will have an opportunity to walk beside them, touch them, see them hunting and playing without causing harm to the wildlife. They can do this once they have a virtual reality headset.

There are numerous zoos around the globe that has adopted this technology to give all visitors a great experience. With the GPS-based mobile application and Bluetooth beacons, visits to the zoo will become more engaging and educative.