US announces countrywide ban on flavored e-cigs

flavored e-cigs

E-cigarettes are devices that contain nicotine and have potentially harmful effects for its users as well as the person who is not smoking directly but indirectly. Though they are substantially less harmful than the typical tobacco cigarettes they have the capacity to do enough damage to the human organs.

Seeing these challenges US has recently announced a countrywide ban. It was seen that not only young and old aged people habituated to it but also it is popular among the teens. These e- cigarettes have cartridges where in the flavor is applied. The US ban is applicable only on mint and fruit flavors and not on other flavors like menthol and tobacco.

Few reports suggest that 55 people have died and more than 25000 people have been hospitalized due to harmful effects of vaping. There is no doubt that this is a very big industry which adds to the GDP of the country and gives employment to many people. But at the same time it is the need of the hour to save the growing population that is becoming addicted to e- cigarettes, especially children. The US also recently raised the age for purchasing tobacco products to 21.