Barcelona’s car-free smart city experiment

car-free smart city

In the center of busy Barcelona there is unusual silence just the buzz of children playing in a small playground and the sound of the birds. This is about to become a regular experience in the city of Barcelona. There is no traffic and the space where cars would be parked is given to the play areas, trees and even a running track.

This block is a plan to recover the streets from noise and pollution of traffic, this can save hundreds of lives that might otherwise be lost because of heavy pollution. There are just six superblocks so far but Barcelona plans hundred more blocks. They are made up of nine existing blocks joined together into an area which bans vehicles which are limited to 10 kph (6mph). They have allotted parking to residents’ underground.

Reports suggest, some people have opposed to the plan because they want to have their cars outside their homes or because they run businesses and feel that trade will be affected by cutting off traffic flow. Barcelona’s deputy mayor for urbanism Janet Sanz explained cars take up 60% of public space across the city. It is not just the traffic that Barcelona has planned to shake up, it is also leading the field when it comes to the guardianship of citizens’ data.