Sonos in bricked speaker ‘recycling’ row

bricked speaker

Sonos is facing criticism for encouraging people to get rid of their old speakers when there may be nothing wrong with them. Latest reports suggest, Sonos is offering a 30% discount to customers on new products if they follow steps to recycle their old ones which will permanently deactivate the device.

According to the Electrical Waste Recycling Group, about 500,000 tons of electronic waste is recycled in the United Kingdom every year and this is only a fraction of the “e-waste” that is piling up. Based on a statement released by Sonos, it said the reason for starting this recycle program is because they want to encourage responsible disposal of electrical equipment but many people are saying that it would be far better if they allow people to resell them instead of recycling them which intentionally bricks good devices that cannot be reused after that.

Recently five speakers in good condition worth $250 each were recycled which could have been easily reused. A Sonos worker said that to participate in the trade up program and obtain a 30% discount, customers have to tell them in the app that they plan to recycle their old device and only then they can redeem their discount at or with a participating dealer. Once they have their new device, the customer will be able to wipe their old device and deactivate it. Then it’s up to them either to recycle it locally, or they can return it to Sonos for recycling.