Local shops urge action to save cash machines

cash machines

The Association of Convenience Stores in United Kingdom has determined that tens of thousands of common  people have no cash machines as of now and it does not end here, this state is getting worse because of fewer bank branches and the deterioration in free-to-use ATMs, and as many people rely on their local shop to withdraw cash. But with the Link network cutting the fees it pays to cash machine operators, several more are diminishing.

The ACS further adds that if the Link does not revert with the cutting fares, the government should then intervene into this matter and should provide enough money and by doing this they can assure people that the access to cash is protected for them. Even a few shopkeepers agreed to pay their cash machine provider £200 a month to keep it free-to-use after the firm tried to impose a charge, but they saw it as a service to customers as they are already losing out on sales. Some reports suggests that the cash use is going down and the ATMs are declining by 10% per year.