Chandrayaan-3: India plans third Moon mission


India has once again made an announcement to launch a third lunar mission to the Moon. The chairman of India’s space agency, K Sivan said the progress of work is going smoothly on the Chandrayaan -3 unmanned mission.

India is planning to launch this mission in 2020, can also move to 2021. If the mission is successful then it would make India the fourth country to achieve soft landing on the moon’s surface, so far only Russia, USA and China have been successful in moon landing missions.

Mr Sivan told reporters that Chandrayaan -2 was the most complex mission ever attempted by the space agency. It involved landing on the south pole of the Moon in a spot when no other craft had landed. The mission involved carrying on tasks like searching for water, minerals and measuring moonquakes. Mr Sivan said this new mission would also involve landing in the same spot. The new equipment is set to cost $35 million or £26 million.

The cost of the mission would be much more. Mr Sivan also said India planned to launch 25 space missions in 2020.