Palau is first country to ban ‘reef toxic’ sun cream

sun cream

As we all know climate change is a harsh truth that the sapiens are experiencing in every part of the world. In order to eradicate this problem it is the need of hour to come up with ideas and steps to overcome the pollutions of every form be it marine, land or air.

Palau, an island nation in Pacific Ocean has become world’s first country to ban sun cream which apparently is considered harmful to corals under the sea. Corals are the rainforest of marine species and due to the pollution caused by the tourists as well as the local people it is causing coral bleaching. This situation leads to death toll for the marine species which feed on corals. Palau in the western part of Pacific Ocean near Philippines has banned sun cream because it contains oxybenzone.

The tourists who take sun cream along with them to the beaches of Palau would be restricted entry and the shops selling these products are to be fined $1,000 (£753). The increase in pollution has led to degradation in Palau’s water which in turn damages coral and leads to coral bleaching, in addition the fish stock is coming down.

This step and others should be taken by each and every country if we want us and our upcoming generations to breathe in fresh air.