UK healthcare ‘lags behind’ nine wealthy nations including the US and France as study shows it spends less money per patient and gives people shorter appointments


A major study published says United Kingdom’s healthcare lags behind other wealthy nations and is probably expected to get worse. The standards of care in the NHS in key areas such as stroke, heart attack and cancer survival were compared to nine other high-income nations.

The British and US researchers warned that the quality seems to be slipping while countries like France and Australia forge ahead. According to the findings the United Kingdom spends less money and time on each patient’s care and there is also fewer medical staff and hospital beds for the people.

There are just 2.8 doctors for every 1,000 people compared to an average of 3.5 elsewhere and the numbers are only expected to decline further. As per a survey United Kingdom has the lowest survival rates for colon and breast cancer and the second lowest for rectal and cervical cancer. The United Kingdom spent £2,972 per capita on healthcare in 2017 that is the least of all other countries analyzed as the average was £4,432.

If the United Kingdom wants an NHS that remains high performing and a nation with good health outcomes it will need to spend more on healthcare staffing, long term care, and other social services, which lag behind comparators.