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counterintelligence threat

FBI says FaceApp poses ‘counterintelligence threat’

A recent investigation conducted by US Senator Chuck Schumer against the face-editing tool, FaceApp, said that the mobile applications developed in Russia posed a “potential counterintelligence threat.” The app became widely popular earlier this year but issues were raised over…

AI musical keyboard

Amazon’s latest AI musical keyboard is not received well

The latest invention of Amazon is a musical keyboard equipped with a built-in artificial intelligence (AI) composer. Known as the AWS DeepComposer, it is a two-octave, 32 key keyboard, which can be connected to computers with a USB cable. With…

new fridges

A recycling plant to make new fridges from the old

A recycling plant has come up with a sustainable way to dispose of redundant fridges. AO Recycling plant in Telford, England, is studying ways to recover the plastic from old fridges which can be used to make new fridges, thus…

Premier Sports

Premier Sports to provide services on Netgem.tv

British television sports channel, Premier Sports has announced to launch its services on the Netgem.tv platform in the UK. Chosen as a strategic partner, Netgem.tv will be able to capitalize its ability for the distribution of content through fiber optic…

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