Netflix ‘reactivated’ dormant accounts without permission

Netflix has reactivated accounts of former Netflix customers without their consent. Sources allege these customers had cancelled their subscriptions months ago.

According to BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours programme, criminals can log in to inactive accounts and can reactivate them without requiring the user’s bank details. It is mainly because Netflix wants the process of rejoining for its customers to be easy.

The customer data along with billing details are available on the site for ten months. Netflix however alleged the information is available for members who choose to cancel and the customer data can be deleted on sending a request email.

In an incidence from Oxford, Emily Keen was charged £11.99 by Netflix in September, even after she cancelled the subscription service in April 2019.

On logging in, the email and password were not recognized. “It turns out the criminals had changed my login details completely and had signed me up for the most expensive service,” she said.

On contacting Netflix customer services, her card was blocked and the charges were to be refunded. In spite, Netflix refunded Keen only in parts. Furthermore, the service made two more payments in October and November.

Several complaints against Netflix are posted on Twitter. Criminals are selling “lifetime” accounts on eBay for as less as £3, thus establishing a lucrative market for Netflix login details.

Netflix on the other hand has assured that the safety of member’s accounts is its top priority and members noticing any unusual activity should contact the streaming service immediately.