India’s Ola cabs to launch in London

Indian Transportation Network Company has been signing up drivers in London to launch services in the capital city in the “coming weeks.”

The decision came after London refused to renew the firm’s licence to operate in the capital. The licence revoke came after repeated failure of safety issues.

The Indian company is already operating in the UK. Reports allege the company has already held “constructive conversations” with the local authorities of the region and was granted a licence earlier this year by Transport for London (TfL).

In the wake of the situation, Simon Smith, Ola’s Head of International, said the company was inviting tens of thousands of private hire drivers across London for registration on the Ola platform.

With the launch in the city coming closer, concrete conversations with drivers, local communities and authorities in London have been taking place over the past months. Furthermore, the company alleged, it is building a “robust mobility platform” for the capital which matches with TfL’s high standards.

Ola began its operations in the UK last year, starting first in south Wales. A 15-month agreement was signed by Ola to establish into the London market.

Further reports allege the company is owned by Softbank and endorses its safety features, some of which include in-app emergency button, driver facial recognition technology, among others, which function as alert safety response teams.

Ola is currently operating in over 250 cities across India, Australia, the UK and New Zealand.