Don’t shake your head to get rid of water in ears

water in ears

Team of researchers from Cornell University and Virginia Tech determine, one of the most common methods people use to get rid of water in the ears can cause serious complications. Trapped water in the ear canal can lead to infections and even damage. The latest study claims shaking head to get rid of trapped water from the ear can further lead to brain damage among small children.

According to researchers, the main focus of the study is to examine the acceleration necessary to get water out from the ear canal. “The critical acceleration that we obtained experimentally on glass tubes and 3D printed ear canals was around the range of 10 times the force of gravity for infant ear sizes, which could cause damage to the brain,” explained Anuj Baskota.

Experts however claim the acceleration was lower for adults, owning to the larger diameter of the ear canals. Furthermore, it was claimed that the overall position and volume of the water in the canal could determine the acceleration required to remove it.

In addition, researchers confirm the action of head shaking has never been a solution. Instead, putting a few drops of liquid with vinegar and alcohol, liquids with lower surface tension than water would in return help to minimize the force, thus allowing the water to flow out.