NBC Sports acquires EZLinks Golf

NBC Sports announced today that it has acquired EZLinks Golf which is a PGA Tour affiliated company. It also includes the online tee time marketplace for golfers along with technology platforms, customer service and business solutions for golf course partners.

The acquisition of EZLinks will add to NBC Sports Group’s profile of golf related lifestyle brands, thus augmenting focus on golf experience with the help of technology, along with GOLFNOW, GOLFPASS and GOLF Business Solutions.

“As an innovative leader that is at the intersection of golf and technology, NBC Sports continues to invest in our portfolio of golf lifestyle businesses to better serve golfers and golf courses,” spoke  Will McIntosh, executive vice president, NBC Sports Digital and Consumer Business.

“Incorporating the technology and services of EZLinks into the comprehensive digital solutions we already offer will enhance our ability to help golf courses operate more efficiently and make the game more accessible for golfers,” he added.

EZLinks has provided software for more than 20 years, along with services which supports the unique operations and the marketing needs for the golf industry. TeeOff is an online tee time market for golfers.

GOLFNOW and EZLinks is dedicated to maintain an open platform for golf operators, commented Gary Cohen, the CEO of EZLinks Golf. He also added that the merge between the two organizations will further strengthen the shared commitment to serve the needs of golfers and clients everywhere.

The joint venture will also make the sport more simple and accessible. By implementing tech and other services, it also helps to connect golfers and golf courses.