New Technology to help deaf people to experience music

deaf people to experience music

On losing their hearing as children, twin bloggers Heroda and Hermon Berhane dedicated efforts into creating a special software which captures music in a unique manner.

The prototype shirt created by the twins has sixteen haptic sensors which responds differently to various music frequencies.

“We can’t hear all the different frequencies and elements to a song that a hearing person could hear,” spoke Hermon and Heroda Berhane.

In a concert, deaf people are able to feel vibrations which come through the floor or through the air. They also feel very strong bass around their stomach with the prototype shirt. The new software captures music, interprets it and also transforms it into touch data which is then sent wirelessly to the shirts of deaf people, explains Francesca Rosella, co-founder of Cutecircuit.

The experts are now working on subdividing the different frequencies of the music into four different areas of the garment. The deaf people can therefore get a very detailed experience of the music, including the midtones, the high tones, the treble, the bass, thus enabling a rich music experience.

“I can’t describe it. You have to experience it, really,” commented the Berhane twins after using the new software in a nightclub.