A super telescope to explore the Dark Energy from the Universe

Located in Arizona, a super telescope will record the most detailed observation of the Universe ever. Sources allege the telescope will look at an invisible force known as the Dark Energy.

The galaxies and the stars visible to the human eye on Earth are made of atoms. However, that constitutes only 5% of the Universe, the rest is mostly Dark Energy.

“It’s just embarrassing to live in a Universe where we understand only 5% of it. How could we live in the Universe knowing only 5% and not knowing about the other 95%? Questions Prof Ofer Lahav of the University of London.

The telescope is known to define the deeper understanding of physics. Furthermore, the nature of the Dark Energy would even lead to a whole new revolution in physics.

In order to understand what this force is, one has to have knowledge about the beginning of the Universe. Based on the current theory, after the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe slowed down and collapsed back on itself, due to the pressure of gravity.

Scientists however allege, the galaxies are flying apart faster than ever. This is mainly due to the force known as the Dark Energy. Several facts about the Dark Energy are however unknown.

It is therefore through the telescope that scientists will learn more about this matter. The telescope will track the position and acceleration of 35 million galaxies.

Inside the telescope there are 5000 optical fibres, and each one is a mini-telescope trained on a galaxy. This will further help in creating sharper images.

Astrophysicists determine that one of the theories of the Dark Energy is that ours is not the only universe. According to astrophysicist, Dr Ashley Spindler, there is “multi-verse” out there of multiple universes and multiple properties and the Dark Energy is something that is leaking from these other universes into ours through different dimensions and thus resulting into expansion of galaxies in our universe.