The under display camera technology of Samsung to enter production

Smartphone technology has advanced with the widening scope of latest innovation, witnessed in the form of ‘Waterfall’ displays. This can be seen on Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Vivo Nex 3 5G.

Furthermore, the Waterfall display is also made to maximize screen real estate. Reports allege, the other actions which manufacturers are endorsing are maximum screen real estate for reducing the size of the notch or deleting it completely through a pop-up or through a flipping camera module.

Based on the latest technology, Samsung’s top-tier Galaxy S and Note series have manufactured small punch hole displays instead of a waterdrop notch. The company is however planning to change the feature through the next generation of flagship handsets.

The South Korean tech giant is drawing efforts towards offering an under-display front camera. According to sources, the work on producing an under-display camera has been long in motion and Oppo and Xiaomi are at the top of the race.

Based on a latest GSMArena report, Samsung is trying to introduce technology to the market. Furthermore, the company is also laying plans to start mass production early this month. If everything goes according to the plan, it is expected that Samsung will be able to build 30,000 units per month for a smartphone. Although the plan won’t be extended to Galaxy S11, owning to its limited number but could become a successor for Galaxy Fold.

Experts allege, there are a couple of technical issues with regards to an under-screen camera. Although it is transparent, the OPEL panel will distort the light which enters the sensor and further reduces the quality of the image.

The company is also known to be working on developing a software algorithm in order to reduce the distortion. The Samsung phone manufacturers will have to develop a working under-display camera which will be a match to the quality of Galaxy S and Note Series.