AI and machine learning to change the future of healthcare

The healthcare industry is increasingly trying to implement artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, in order to enhance the performance of the machines. The healthcare industry is continuing to evolve owning to increased machine learning and application of AI in technology in the new digital age.

Sources allege, machine learning has the capacity to supply data-driven clinical decision support (CDS) to physicians as well as to the hospital staff. This in return also fosters revenue potential. Furthermore, machine learning which is a subset of AI and is usually designed to identify patterns,  also uses algorithms with data in order to provide automated insights into healthcare.

Furthermore, AI can enhance healthcare industry through new drug discovery and by augmenting the growth of preventative medicine. Today AI is used to examine treatments for cancer patients. Furthermore, Google Cloud’s Healthcare app can help healthcare organizations to store, collect and access data.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center uses IBM Watson’s Genomic product to analyze specific cancer treatments for over 1000 patients. With the help of big data analysis, the product helped to identify specific treatment options for people with tumors and with other genetic abnormalities.

On the other hand, Google’s Cloud Healthcare application programming interface (API) uses other AI solutions and CDS offerings in order to help doctors with informed clinical decisions with regards to patients. The Google Cloud uses data from the user’s electric records with the help of machine learning and thus creates insights for healthcare providers.

Google has worked with Stanford University, University of Chicago and University of California in order to generate AI system which also determines the outcomes of hospital visits. This system can in return thus also reduces the amount taken by patients in hospitals and also prevents readmissions.

AI in healthcare comes with several benefits such as analyzing big patient data sets, it also provides enhanced healthcare facilities at lower costs.