Zone 5 creates easy access to sports data for companies

sports data

Zone 5 Ventures is well adept in sports technology, it was co-founded by Chris Yu, who is also the leader of Innovation & Engineering. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado.

The latest announcement by Zone5 Ventures determines the launch of new system which will provide a cloud platform for companies in order to store sports tech data. In addition, it will also work as an incubator style investment firm.

Greater than this announcement the company will also merge with Today’s Plan, one of the largest online endurance sports training platforms.

Today’s Plan is co-founded by Ben Bowley and Andrew Hall, who are the CEO and the CTO of the company respectively. Furthermore, the company is one of the leading competitors for training platforms for athletes as well as for the coaches.

Today’s Plan is a subsidiary of the entity. Experts claim this will provide concrete employment contracts which will withdraw them from Today’s Plan and create new jobs in a different company with a different name.

According to an expert review, Zone 5 wishes to work more like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, focusing primarily on sports data.

Sources allege, Zone 5 is drawing more ambitious plans than just coaching and training. With the merge, the firm is aiming at encouraging innovation in the field of sports data space. This will further enhance companies as well as entrepreneurs to launch new innovations in the market.

One of the challenges faced by athletes is the expansive amount of data. Zone 5 is thus planning to extend its cloud platform by offering Sports Tech Cloud Platform.

Furthermore, they also want to use the new system for both services and research into fitness. The new software will provide fitness metrics based on fitness levels and for variety of devices and sports. This information can be used by researchers for health, technology and fitness or for all three combined.