Varcis to launch Asia’s VC fund for sports technology

Hong Kong’s Varcis Capital has launched the first Asia-focused Sports Technology Investment and Advisory House.

The system will be led by Mr Phillip King, Founder and Managing Partner, Varcis Capital. Reports allege, Varcis Capital will make Seed and Series A investments ranging between $500k / $5m.

Furthermore, the company’s team will also be responsible for providing expertise based on M&A, IPO and Due Diligence advice, brand distribution licensing and technical expertise. This characteristic will especially focus on fast-track companies looking to expand, monetize and create sports in Asia.

As a result, Varcis has created a leadership team combining investment management, brand licensing, elite sports experience, venture growth research and transaction advice in Asia.

Furthermore, the firm’s global partner network was also in touch with thousands of leagues, sports teams and several Asian as well as international organizations.

Moreover, key geographic focus markets are Australia, Japan, China, India, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, and other 48 countries across the region of Asia.

Source report Varcis will open offices in Beijing, Melbourne and Hong Kong in 2020.