Students of IIT Guwahati build smart AI Tool for EV designers

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati (IIT-G) have been able to create a breakthrough with its latest invention.

A tool named ‘Smart-Engineer is an Artificial Intelligence assisted engineering system was designed by four PhD and post-graduate students, Rajendra Kumar, Bikash Sah, Ankit Vishway, and Rajendra Kumar, at e-mobility lab (EML) of the IIT-G.

With the help of the tool, engineers will be able to develop the motor of an electric vehicle (EV). The tool can help replace the lack of skilled workforce in system integration and engineering design. This invention will augment the growth of EVs on the Indian roads.

Furthermore, the tool will help a novice design engineer to create a motor for electric vehicles. The system will also help in answering all the queries that surface during the designing process. As a result, the dependence on experts during the process of designing will also be reduced.

“The Smart-Engineer enables the fresh engineer to learn from the collective knowledge and wisdom of the experts without necessarily having to interact with them,” explained a source with regards to the latest invention.

In addition, Prof Praveen Kumar of Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at IIT-G also claimed, Smart-Engineer will be able to “address the fundamentals” of designing induction motors.

The invention will cater to the requirements of “power electronics, control systems, battery management systems among others.”