Uber Works: Uber targets gig workers for new app

Uber has launched a latest app to keep casual workers in touch with employers. The move has allegedly taken place as the app faces challenge in its ride-hailing business.

The newly launched app, Uber Works will help bear staff, warehouse workers and cleaners to compare rates, in addition, it will also allow them to sign up for shifts.

Sources allege the app will be launched on Friday and will be initially available only in Chicago. Uber Works will compete will with other apps of its kind, Workpop, Shiftgig and Wonolo, to name a few.

The firm is shifting its operations to different roles as several global companies are targeting Uber as a ride-hailing firm.

According to sources, California has recently passed the legislation to support the so-called ‘gig-workers’ to become employees and also to gain rights. This will in return increase the price for firms such as Uber.

With regards to the latest announcement, Uber said millions of American workers use staffing agencies. With the new Uber app, this process can be accelerated for both the parties, the firm as well as the employees. In addition, the process will also become more transparent.

The app will notify on location, pay and working conditions. Furthermore, workers can also track breaks and working hours via the app.

This will allow employers to tap into a “vetted and qualified” temporary labour, according to Uber. The firm will try to make the app successful in Chicago where it has previously tested the app in the past year.

Sources allege, Uber Works will partner with staffing agencies from Chicago which employ and handle worker benefits.