Augmented Reality goggles to enhance swimming experience

Augmented Reality goggles to enhance swimming experience

Swimmers can now experience enhanced swimming with the help of Augmented Reality goggles. Form Swim Goggles is a creation by the former competitive swimmer Dan Eisenhardt. Reports allege, UK firm Swim AR is also working on creating a similar device which can clip to any pair of goggles.

The pair of augmented reality Form swim goggles are installed with a built-in computer which helps swimmers to track down the distance and time. Furthermore, this information beams straight into the swimmer’s eyes.  Furthermore, the goggles can even estimate how many calories one has burned. The built-in accelerometer also detects when one has taken a turn and the app also logs one’s swim history.

In order to make the swimming experience more exciting the AR goggle could also use games. For instance, if a virtual shark is chasing the swimmer, it might spice things up a bit. The British company Swim AR is working on this ‘gamifying swimming’ concept, in addition to making the glasses clip on to any pair of goggles. The swimmer will either have to swim against a competing avatar or will have to swim through hoops and could even be chased by a virtual shark.

Experts believe the 3D-printed prototype is however still rough around the edges, it can however still display the swim stats just like the Form goggles.

Furthermore, experts believe if either of the companies come up with podcasts or built-in music, it will further increase the appealing prospects of the product.

When asked if the size of such devices affect performance, Dan Eisenhardt, Chief Executive, Form Swim said, “They don’t slow you down. There’s obviously a little computer there on one side of the goggles. You can wear then either right side or left side. But it’s something you get used to after just a few swims.”