Severity of osteoarthritis to be diagnosed through a microphone

Based on a current study of Lancaster University, the University of Central Lancashire and Manchester University, engineers can listen to the faults in bridges found in ‘noisy’ arthritis knees. The latest system involves a tiny microphone which is connected to…

Google Pixel 4 Face
3D printed coral to ocean reefs

Global economic disputes affect Israel’s diamond industry

The beginning of the year 2019 saw a 22% drop in exports of polished diamonds within Israel’s diamond industry. The reasons attributed for the fall was economic slowdown in addition to other international trade concerns. Market figures estimate, in the…

Women entrepreneurs
underground farms
AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning to change the future of healthcare

The healthcare industry is increasingly trying to implement artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI, in order to enhance the performance of the machines. The healthcare industry is continuing to evolve owning to increased machine learning and application of AI in…