Boston Dynamics: Quadrupled dog-like robot- Spot is out for sale

Boston Dynamics has announced the sale of its latest dog-like robot, Spot. In a statement based on the current announcement, the company told IEEE Spectrum, that the quadruped dog-like robot can be leased for “less than the price of a car.” Experts said the robot’s appeal may be limited by its price, but will be determined by demand.

Furthermore, the company suggested Spot could find useful application in construction or in the oil and gas industry, in addition to public industry.

The company announced anyone who wished to take up the offer had to fill out a form on the company’s website. Furthermore, the company also alleged that IEEE Spectrum had built 100 test Spots and was now preparing for mass production, however was still in “the early tens of robots.”

In a new video which has gained over 800,000 YouTube views, Spot demonstrated skills such as walking, climbing  “difficult terrains”, on a building or was also seen opening a door. Moreover, Spot can carry up to 14 kg, stand back if it falls, and is capable of working in temperatures from -20C to 45C. Spot is also equipped with a programmable interface, has a run time of 90 minutes and a top speed of 3mph.

“Spot is possibly the world’s finest example of a quadruped robot and since the addition of a robot arm, it seems a little more practical – but will it be practical enough at that price?” Said Noel Sharkey, robotics experts and professor of computer science at Sheffield University.

“Their big example of the robot working in construction could pay off. They can reach places that humans find difficult, run across bricks and accompany builders carrying their loads of tools and bricks or map out districts for construction.”

He further also added, the test for Boston Dynamics was in either producing cheaper robots for the ordinary customer or in creating cheaper copies like many other robotic companies.