Facebook buys mind-reading wristband from CTRL-Labs

In the latest endeavor, Facebook has bought the start-up CTRL-Labs which designs wristbands. The wristbands are capable of picking up signals from the brain and further transmitting them to the computer.

The wristbands decodes signals from the brain and sends these to the hand thus telling it to move, etc. This further helps in transmitting the command for instance, press the button of a computer or any other device.

According to Facebook VR president Andrew Bosworth the device “captures your intention.”

“So you can share a photo with a friend using an imperceptible movement or just by, well, intending to,” he commented in his Facebook post.

Facebook has however not commented on a report by CNBC that claims the deal was between $500m and $1bn (£0.4bn and £0.8bn).

With regards to the new deal, Bosworth said he hoped CTRL-Lab would further help Facebook in creating new technology at scale and help in bringing products faster to consumers.

The news received a mixed response.

While Azeem Azhar tech commentator wrote in his tweet, “Facebook needs to inveigle itself into our lives less, not more.”

Josh Chan, founder of an educational app, wrote in response to Bosworth’s Facebook post, “As an educator [I’m] imagining how this could transform how we all learn.”

Facebook source alleged it would be some time before the product entered the market. “The CTRL-Labs technology is an innovative input that Facebook hopes will be used to significantly improve the upcoming Facebook AR/VR [augmented reality/virtual reality] experiences a few years down the road to fundamentally improve the user experience,” the source added.