Russia to face ban from major sport events over a doping scandal

Discrepancies in a lab database has resulted in a ban for Russia from all major sports events. Reports suggest, the country has been granted three weeks to justify the “inconsistencies” or the nation may face the risk of exemption from Olympics as well as from world championships. Furthermore, the country is also barred from hosting major sports events.

“There’s evidence this data has been deleted,” chairman of Wada’s compliance panel, Jonathan Taylor, spoke to BBC Sport. “We need to understand from the Russian authorities what their explanation is.”

Further reports allege, Russia had handed over the data from its Moscow laboratory in January. It followed a condition of reintegration into the sporting fold after facing three years of suspension for the state-sponsored doping program.

On Monday however, the compliance procedure was open again over the discovery of “inconsistencies”. This was confirmed by Wada. Furthermore with regards to the new set of rules, Wada had the authority to impose punishments, however if Russia appealed, the case would be decided by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).

“Everyone has agreed they will enforce what Cas agrees,” Taylor added. “We’ve got to be very careful. Procedure has got to be followed. We can’t prejudge the outcome.”