Huawei Mate 30 phones void of Google apps

Huawei has launched its latest range of smartphones without pre-installing several apps which are common on Android handsets.

According to reports, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro both handsets do not have Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube, in addition to other common software. Furthermore, the handsets also do not come with Google’s Play Store, which is common for users outside China to install third-party software on Android 10 phones. In order to address this, Huawei has pre-loaded a new set of alternative apps of its own.

With regards to the new announcement, Huawei spokesman commented apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook will be available on the new handsets on Huawei’s store known as the Huawei App Gallery. In addition, he also added, the ‘side-load’ feature will allow to load Google’s app onto the handsets, they will however not run as smoothly as usual.

Sources revel, the issue was not addressed until 90 minutes into the company’s launch event in Munich, Germany. Later however, Huawei’s consumer devices chief Richard Yu lightly broached the subject; “Today you know because of the US ban… this phone cannot pre-install the GMS (Google Mobile Services) core. It forced us to use the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) core,” he said.

In his address he further added, the firm had allotted $1bn (£801m) for developers to make their apps compatible. Furthermore, he added, more than 45,000 apps were integrated in the firm’s technology, the names of these apps were however not revealed.

“The hardware is very impressive and differentiating (and) caters to Huawei’s strengths,” spoke Bryan Ma from the market research firm IDC. “But it’s not enough to offset the lack of Google services aside from a few die-hard (customers) who have the patience to side-load and tolerate possible issues. Maybe they’re just trying to ride it out in the hope that they eventually get access to those Google services later.”