Singapore launches a scrubbing specialist robot

Singapore is launching more than 100 fully autonomous cleaning robots this year. Reports allege, the robots are made by manufacturer Lionsbot.

One of their latest invention-Ella is a fully autonomous robot. Ella cleans floors in addition to telling jokes. She is a cleaner at Singapore’s National Gallery. Lately, the country has faced substantial labour shortage and Ella addresses this issue to a great extent.

“They clean well, they work as a team and also they support the human cleaners to do the mundane, the boring and the dangerous jobs so the cleaners can do a lot more and be productive,” commented Dylan Ng, Co-founder of Lionsbot with regards to the latest invention.

In addition to all these productive qualities, Ella also does not take lunch breaks. She however needs to be charged after every three hours. Furthermore, Ella is been programmed with a sense of humour.

“How do trees access the internet?- They log on,” speaks Ella.

Sources allege, Ella is a floor scrubbing specialist and is available for rent at around $1,000 per month. Not everyone is however convinced with the latest invention of the robot. Some find the concept of robot recruiters intimidating.

This is what Chen I-Ming, Robotics Expert had to say about the future of robots; “You will see more and more robots in different workplaces outside factories. But it will not totally replace humans. It’s pretty much a human assistant. It will not say ‘I’m your boss!’”

Humans will always be the creator of the robots and will have the power to switch them off at any given point of time, added I-Ming.