Artificial snow machine tested for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Japan authorities are gearing up for the 2020 Olympics. The latest innovation tested artificial snow in order to keep the temperatures cool for the spectators.

Since the games will take place in summer next year, around 300 kg (47st) of artificial snow was sprayed at Sea Forest Waterway venue, in order to test if it could lower the temperature and the humidity levels.

Reports suggest, Japan’s capital city experiences 80% humidity in the month of July with temperatures up to 35C. It has also prompted to frequent cases of heatstroke among spectators.

The Olympic and Paralympic event of canoeing and rowing will take place at Sea Forest Waterway. Sources allege, about half of the 2000 seats were uncovered. However, full roof was organized to cut costs.

Authorities carried out a snow machine trial for five minutes on Friday, as members of Tokyo 2020 organizing committee occupied the stand.

Sources allege, the result was not what the authorities had expected. The temperature was 25.1 C before the snow and continued to remain the same even after.

According to Takashi Okamura, the head of communication said the result was “not as expected”, however the snow had other merits. “The advantage of this machine is having a spray device to help the audience feel refreshed – and the amusement factor,” he said.

The organizing committee further added it was not yet certain if artificial snow would be used and more tests were to follow soon.

“Today is just a first trial,” reported Tomoaki Matsumoto, an official in the committee’s venue services department. “But it is possible for us to use it.”