Tokyo faces the worst Typhoon Faxai affecting power cuts of 900,000 homes

Tokyo experienced one of the worst landfalls by Typhoon Faxai which affected the power supply to more than 900,000 homes in the capital city.

Faxai is determined to be one of the strongest typhoons with the wind speed of 210 km/h (130mph). Since a decade, Tokyo has not experienced the calamity resulting from Faxai.

As a result, over 130 flights were cancelled and trains were shut down, thus interrupting the morning commute of the citizens. Furthermore, people of Tokyo faced the adversities of power cuts which affected more than 910,000 people, as reported by NHK, Japans’ national broadcaster.

Reports allege, the whole city of Kanagawa lost power and citizens were warned against going outside. Additionally, non-compulsory evacuations were carried out for 390,000 people within the Tokyo, Kanagawa and Shizuoka prefectures.

Owning to a CCTV footage, a woman in her fifties was found unconscious on a street in a residential area of central Tokyo near Setagaya City. Based on the recording of the CCTV, the woman was blown head-first into the building due to the force of the wind. NHK sources allege, she died later in the hospital.

The storm has interrupted the city’s preparations for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. The event is expected to attract over 400,000 overseas visitors.

Reports suggest the Typhoon Faxai is moving back towards the Pacific, however it still holds the risk of landslides and flooding.