US records a second death linked with vaping


Public Health Officials in the state of Oregon have announced the death of a second person succumbing to a lung disease caused by vaping.

Reports allege, the person fell victim to a product which he had bought at a dispensary for recreational cannabis. Earlier in August, the first death incident was reported in Illinois.

As a result, scientists are examining the lung disease which is closely linked to e-cigarettes and has affected more than 200 people across the country.

According to cases reported, the US Centers for Disease Control Prevention confirmed, the history involved vaping THC, one of the active components present in cannabis.

According to a statement released by Ann Thomas, the Oregon health official, it was yet uncertain that the victim’s illness was a result of contaminants or due to ingredients in the vaping device or in the liquid itself.

Based on a report released by the Washington Post, the health officials had linked the illness with an oil derived from vitamin E, which is found in marijuana samples, known to have consumed by the individual.

Although the cause of this mystery illness was not yet determined, reports suggested it involved vaping in some form or the other. The symptoms included shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, along with diarrhea and vomiting. Experts did not find an evidence of any infectious disease such as bacteria or a virus.

However the causes of the illness are yet uncertain and reports allege officials have ordered laboratory tests of vaping liquid to identify the presence of any harmful components.