An unusually dangerous shoreline: Karachi’s Clifton Beach washed off with syringes and vials of blood

Karachi’s Clifton Beach

The idea of walking on the beach with the water waves and the soft beach sand lightly touching the skin has become uncommon on Karchi’s Clifton Beach. One has to instead hop over vials of blood and syringes, among several other medical waste which is washed up on the shoreline.

A favorite getaway for the natives, the Clifton beach is in the South of the city of Karachi. Owning to heavy rains, the beach has become a wasteland for plastic bags loaded with medical waste.

Pictures of the beach were tweeted by Shaniera Akram, wife of legendary Pakistani cricketer, Wasim Akram. “I have walked on the beach every day for the last four years and I have never been scared until today.” Her post read.

Based on her story, within 10 minutes, she had counted ‘more than four dozen’ syringes on the beach sand. The beach needs to be shut down as it is extremely dangerous, she further mentioned.

Previous reports suggest, the city of Karachi has been struggling with waste disposal for a long time, however the appearance of syringes was regarded as unusual.

Based on a report published by the Dawn newspaper, third of about 13,000 tonnes of rubbish disposed by city’s residents was dumped in the drains.

Within hours of Shaniera Akram’s Twitter post, officials took to action. Access to the affected areas of the beach were instantly closed off. Reports allege, the medical waste on Clifton Beach is been dealt with presently.