Museunapele- Brazilians are getting a tattoo of the museum on their skin

Ever since Brazil’s beloved National Museum was lost to a fire, almost a year ago, people are yet finding ways to cope up with its loss. Under the guidance of Beatriz Hörmanseder, a palaeontologist working at the Museum, she has thought of an unusual way to deal with the episode.

The museum was opened in 1818 as is regarded as Brazil’s most important scientific institution.  It houses a valuable collection of prehistoric skeletons, along with recordings of extinct indigenous languages. In other words, the museum was the very center for showcasing the entire history of Brazil.

Hörmanseder came up with a unique way to cope with the loss of the museum. She etched a tattoo on her hand. It’s a façade of the building, along with the numbers as a fossil crocodile, which she was studying.

“The museum burned, I know, but I’m carrying part of this with me,” Hörmanseder said, referring to the fire incidence and the tattoo on her hand. She has also urged other students and staff to follow the tattoo project.

Doing rounds on the social media, under the name #Museunapele- the museum on my skin, the trend has picked up pace, with people joining in to show their support.

Hörmanseder came up with the solution when she lost all of her work. “Right in the beginning it helped me the most, I think. Because I lost all my project. I was studying just one fossil. It was probably a new species. And I had nothing left,” she spoke while talking about the project.

Reports suggest, the tattoo artist, Luis Berbert is doing the designs for free. He is using the materials which are paid by the local companies that are keen to help. 150 people so far have signed up for the museum tattoos.

Berbert customizes two main designs, based on every individual’s wishes. In the design, he adds a bird, a mosquito, a fossil, depending upon the person’s memory.

People are showing their support for the museum by etching it on their skin, in accordance with the museum’s history seared on their memory permanently.