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Artificial Intelligence offers banana growers the possibility to protect the world’s most popular fruit

Versace apologises for a sensitive image on its T-shirts

Versace has publicly apologized for an image on one of its T-shirt. The design on the T-shirt indicated that Hong Kong and Macau were independent territories. The inference evoked a strong criticism in China. In the wake of the situation,…

home births

Study marks home births as safe as hospital births

Research team of McMaster University has proven that pregnant women who plan for home birth do not have a greater chance of baby’s neonatal or perinatal death than women who give birth at the hospital. The study draws attention to…

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Venice outlaws large ships from historic centre

Venice outlaws large ships from historic centre

The Italian Government has made a recent announcement of banning large cruise ship from entering Venice’s historic centre. Based on the new development, ships weighing more than 1,000 tonnes are to be rerouted from certain waterways, beginning September. Owning to…

University Hospital of Wales
Early humans in Africa fled