£3m funds to help UK nationals residing in EU with Brexit

The UK government has safeguarded £3m grants in order to help UK nationals living the EU. The grant will especially focus on aiding UK citizens with residency applications.

Reports suggest, voluntary organisations and charities will also be able to use the funds in order to support UK nationals who are preparing for the Brexit. The action has been undertaken especially to support citizens who are struggling with paperwork.

These include the disabled, the pensioners, in addition to those living in remote areas and the one ones who need help in translation.

According to figures, there are about 1.3m UK born people residing in the EU. Based on a statement released by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, the UK government was taking special efforts on preparing UK nationals to be “fully ready for Brexit, whatever the circumstances”.

Owning to a withdrawal deal from between the EU and Theresa May, UK nationals would have been liable to their freedom of movement rights during the period of transition. The deal however was rejected by MPs.

Latest reports suggest, the UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October without a deal.

The development still keeps the situation of the Britons in the dark. The consequences of a no-deal exit are uncertain for Britons residing in the EU. Sources suggest, expats are advised to register as residents of the current country.

Citizens will thus have to go through a tedious procedure, abiding to various rules of residency which includes paperwork. The process is different for every country.

As urged by the European Commission to EU countries, in case of a no deal, they are to “take a generous approach to the rights of UK citizens in the EU, provided that this approach is reciprocated by the UK.”

Furthermore it also quotes, EU27 “should adopt a pragmatic approach to granting temporary residence status.”

Based on reports of the Home Office, EU freedom of movement will end with the no-deal Brexit. However migration experts are of a different opinion.